What are beta versions?

Beta versions, easily recognized by a version number under 1.00, differ from later versions in several ways. Here are the key differences:
– until version 1.00, the number of fields still being incorporated will be relatively high
– new versions will come out in relatively quick succession until version 1.00.
– as a result, there may be some fields with the status “//No longer supported…”.
– before version 1.00 there may be compatibility issues when using successive versions of the field.

Although there will be regular updates after the release of version 1.00, they will be less frequent. Please also be aware that the change from a beta version to version 1.00, so from all the versions with a zero before the dot, will be a “major release”. This affects in particular the “//No longer supported…//” fields, which, after this leap in the releases, will no longer appear in the descriptions; their OF ID will, however, not be overwritten by other fields.