Roadmap 2024-25

Upcoming Versions

At openfunds we consider two general updates in a year as a good compromise between the size of the updates and the flexibility needed to cope with new regulatory requirements. As we have seen an increasing tendency for new fund regulations, not only in Europe but also in many individual countries in and outside Europe, this puts some pressure on openfunds for more releases, so we have recently had the need to provide extra interim releases to cope specifically with regulatory updates (such as v2.0.1 for EMT v4.2). The above chart with its 5 updates shows what we think should be the minimum of planned releases from the latest release (v2.0.1) in 2024 to the end of 2025, but more interim releases may be required in this period.

Version 2.1

The next planned version is planned to include general updates, alongside at least partial results of the two currently ongoing openfunds working groups:

  • Corporate Actions (OFCA) working group
  • OFRE/OFPH (ratios and exposures and portfolio holdings) alignment


List of ‘no longer supported’ (NLS) fields as of version 2.0.1 (13.05.2024)Excel