Current Version

The current version of openfunds is v1.31, released 29-09-2023, containing various updates.

Information about future planned but not yet released changes can be found under Next Version. An overview of the longer-term outlook for openfunds can be found under Roadmap.

Please note that in the upcoming version of openfunds, version 2, all currently no longer supported fields (listed below) will be removed from the standard. For more information or to request the retention of any of these fields in the standard please contact

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No Longer Supported Fields – as of Version 1.31

All no longer supported openfunds fields as of version 1.31
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Further Information

This version contains a mixture of requests, updates and corrections to the standard. Included in this version are:

  • Field additions and changes to the OFPH set;
  • Field additions and changes to the OFPM set;
  • Field additions to the OFDY set;
  • Assorted other changes and requests.

The previous minor version (version 1.30.1) contained only field additions corresponding to the changes in FinDatEx EMT (European MiFID Template) v4.1.