Current Version

The current version of openfunds is v1.29.2, released 18-11-2022.

Information about future planned but not yet released changes can be found under Next Version. An overview of the longer-term outlook for openfunds can be found under Roadmap.

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No Longer Supported Fields – as of Version 1.29.2

All no longer supported openfunds fields as of version 1.29.2
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Further Information

This version (version 1.29.2) contains only changes reflecting the update to FinDatEx’s European ESG Template (EET) v1.1.

The full version immediately preceding it, v1.29, contained a mixture of requests, updates and corrections to the standard. Of particular note to this version are the changes to the Full Portfolio Holdings (OFPH) field set and the Notification and Settlement fields. These concepts are both the subject of white papers, which can be found in the White Papers section of the site.