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openfunds v1.26.4 | XLSX| Changelog

The current version of openfunds is v1.26.4, released 01-10-2020.

Information about future planned but not yet released changes can be found under Next Version. An overview of the longer-term outlook for openfunds can be found under Roadmap.

No Longer Supported Fields – as of Version 1.26.4

All no longer supported openfunds fields as of version 1.26.4 (01.10.2020) (PDF) (XLSX)

Further Information

Version 1.26 is possibly the most comprehensive list of field changes that has ever been published in a single openfunds version. This is why we decided to split the new version 1.26 into three sub-versions which contain thematically linked fields.

Note – Corrections

Please note, while the original version 1.26 was released on 20-07-2020, the latest version 1.26.4 (released 01-10-2020) contains some corrections to this version, enumerated in full below.

Version 1.26.1 (General Update)

Version 1.26.1 is comprised primarily of general updates. Enhancements were made to improve existing fields as well as to add some country-specific fields. Also, we used the opportunity to clarify or enhance some field descriptions.

An overview of the number of field changes for version 1.26.1 can be found in the following table (for a detailed list of changes please click the link under ‘Links’):

Overview General Update Field Changes
New openfunds Fields 23
No Longer Supported
Major Changes 8
Minor Changes 8
Informative Changes 36


Changelog of version 1.26.1 – Final version (Excel)
All new openfunds fields of version 1.26.1 – Final version (PDF) (Excel)

Version 1.26.2 (Regulatory Update)

From December 2020 onwards, the EMT 3.0 provided by FinDatEx will replace the former versions of EMT 1.0 and EMT 2.0. The openfunds standard will include those field changes and enhancements, but will also align its concepts for regulatory data to a ring-fenced approach for EMT and EPT fields.

Overview Regulatory Field Changes
New Fields (incl. moved fields) 53 (202)
Fields moved from OFST… to OFEM… and OFEP… 149
No Longer Supported (incl. moved fields) 49 (198)
Major Changes
Minor Changes
Informative Changes 16


Changelog of version 1.26.2 – Final version (Excel)
All new openfunds fields of version 1.26.2 – Final version (PDF) (Excel)
Translation table FinDatEx EMT 3.0 to openfunds – Final version (Excel)
Translation table FinDatEx EPT 1.1 to openfunds – Final version (Excel)

New conceptual approach for regulatory data

When openfunds implemented the MiFID II and PRIIPs regulation 3 years ago, it followed the approach of the EMT for MiFID and EPT for PRIIPs, which were created by the European Working Group (today FinDatEx). However, while FinDatEx had chosen a ring-fenced approach for each set of fields, openfunds used existing static fields from its standard if they were already available.

At the time this approach reduced the number of new fields substantially, but has led to some practical difficulties since then. The biggest problem was the result of separate deliveries for regulatory data and for static data. As these data sets are often provided by different teams within an asset management group, deliveries take place at different points in time, thus overwriting data sent by the other team. This overwriting happened not only between static and MiFID data, but also between MiFID and PRIIPs data.

A second weakness of this approach is the (not always intuitive) translation rules between openfunds and the EMT or EPT.

For these two reasons openfunds decided to switch to an approach that follows the EMT and EPT closely. This means that the openfunds fields for MiFID II and PRIIPs will be ringfenced and not mixed in with existing static data fields. To emphasise this, openfunds has also decided to change the prefix of the openfunds identifier to OFEM for MiFID fields and OFEP for PRIIPs fields, as opposed to OFST for static data fields. Although this leads to an increase in the number of openfunds fields, the practical data management will benefit from this conceptual change. Another advantage will be the possibility to directly translate regulatory openfunds fields into EMT or EPT, with very few exceptions.

Version 1.26.3 (Fund Ratios and Exposures)

During the last 9 months, a working group initiated by Credit Suisse worked on a new set of openfunds fields containing information usually provided on fund factsheets. In short, these fields provide aggregated information about ratios like ‘Yield to Maturity’, and exposures to credit risk, countries or currencies, etc..

Due to the nature of the fields, some of which contain several values in a set (e.g. currency exposure), a new file structure and a new openfunds identifier pre-fix (OFRE) was created. More details can be found in the white paper, which is mentioned in the link section below.


White paper ‘Fund Ratios and Exposures’ – Final version (PDF)
All new openfunds fields of version 1.26.3 – Final version (PDF) (Excel)

Version 1.26.4 (Corrections)

The following errors in the above versions have been corrected in version 1.26.4:

  • OFEM080600 EMT Ex-post Distribution Fees – this field was erroneously listed as “EMT Ex-post Management Fees For Structured Securities” in v1.26.2 and given that fields description. Due to the scale of this error, this has also been corrected in the v1.26.2 documentation above.
  • OFST420600, OFST420610, and OFST420620– fields have been moved to no longer supported. The corresponding internal fields in the field range OFST901700-OFST901999 should be used instead.
  • OFST809015 Has UK Reporting Status -a typo in the field description has been created from “HRMC” to “HMRC”
  • OFEP000900 EPT Fund CIC Code – the link originally quoted in the description of this field has been removed, so a new link is given in the updated documentation.


Changelog of version 1.26.4 – Final version (Excel)