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openfunds v1.27 | XLSX| Changelog

The next planned version of openfunds is v1.27. This is planned to be a general update type release, containing various updates with no single area of particular focus.

Further Information

Some of the current planned changes for Version 1.27 are described below.

CNMV Regulatory Requirement for High Yield Bond Quotient

The CNMV has introduced a requirement for fund providers to warn retail clients when the allowable percentage of high yield bonds (defined as bonds rated below BBB- or equivalent according to a ratings provider or the fund itself) within the fund exceeds 25% of the fund’s NAV. To help users comply with this regulation, openfunds plans to introduce the field OFST710405 Maximum Allowable Percentage Of High Yield Bonds.

News Image fields

openfunds users have requested fields to handle image URLs and descriptions for use in news content. These will be handled by the fields OFNW000040 News Image URL and OFNW000045 News Image Description.