Fund providers, fund distributors or fund service providers who support and implement the openfunds standard can join the association as an active member. If your company needs to exchange fund data, you are also welcome to use the openfunds fields and definitions without becoming a member of the association. Use of the standard is free and without any obligation.

Active members receive information about openfunds, can submit suggestions for new fields or field changes and, if desired, their logo is published on our website.
In addition active members to being invited to join openfunds webinars, where we discuss upcoming topics and new versions before release. There are other advantages for active members (see overview below). The annual membership fee of the active membership is CHF 3000 (or the equivalent in EUR, GBP, or USD using current exchange rates).

Advantages for Active Members
Access to advanced information on developments of the openfunds standard
Active participation in selected working groups
Possibility to submit proposals for improvements to the openfunds standard
Invitation to attend the annual general meeting
Voting rights
Possibility to create and use internal fields
Your own openfunds account with the ability to post comments
Increase your company’s profile by publishing your company’s logo on

Join us in shaping the future of data processing with openfunds! If you believe that openfunds can significantly benefit your processes, we invite you to become an active member of our association. With your membership, you not only contribute to the ongoing success and development of openfunds but also ensure its sustainable existence for years to come. Together, let’s build a stronger, more efficient data ecosystem with openfunds at its core.

If you wish to join the association as an active, you can do so by sending us a completed and signed application form.

Based on the articles of association the membership of active members needs to be confirmed by the Board of Directors. We will be happy to publish your company name and logo on this page.

Active Members

Informational Members

Membership Application

Membership application forms:

Application for membership (Version 2018-04-18; English)

Application for membership (Version 2018-04-18; German)

If you want to become an informational member or an active member, please download the above form and send it to