What is the frequency of releases of new openfunds versions?

In general, openfunds aims to release new versions not more than twice a year. Such releases are normally minor releases, where only the second version number changes, the one after the first dot. For instance, the version changes from “1.24” to “1.25“.

On the other hand, there can also be unscheduled releases due to new regulations coming into force on a specific date such as MiFID II, PRIIP etc. Furthermore, as openfunds becomes more useful to fund houses and fund distributors from all over the world, country-specific requirements, which need to be set up in due time could also lead to an early release of new fields.

Apart from minor releases, there also exist major releases and bug fixes. In the following, two examples demonstrate how the version number would change for each release type:

  • major release: “1.34″ to “2.00″
  • bug fixes: “1.25.01” to “1.25.02” (only indicated on the first page of the field list in PDF format)

The third version number is generally not indicated within the file name of the field lists nor mentioned in announcements or headlines.

openfunds understands that new versions always require resources, time and patience. However, we try to provide with our field definitions the possibility to distribute and exchange fund data in a high-qualitative and standardized manner to prevent different solutions of multiple parties for the same problem making it eventually even more complicated.

In order to make upcoming changes of new versions and the development of new openfunds fields as transparent and early accessible as possible, openfunds created ‘Open Issues’. This site can be found here and provides you with detailed information of the current status and process of the next openfunds field version.

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