Changelog openfunds Fields Version 1.20 Final

General Notes

Version 1.20 FINAL mainly consists of new openfunds fields of the remaining streams V. Solvency II, VI. Execution, VII. Dynamic Data and VIII. News fields. Further it includes some additional new fields and a few improvements of already existing fields. Further details may be found below. Please consult the following White Paper for more information about major and minor releases “Version Management”.


New fields

The following new fields have been included into the openfunds standard.

  • OFDY000020 Bid NAV
  • OFDY000021 Bid NAV Date
  • OFDY000025 Ask NAV
  • OFDY000026 Ask NAV Date
  • OFDY000035 Valuation NAV
  • OFDY000036 Valuation NAV Date
  • OFDY000040 Transaction NAV
  • OFDY000041 Transaction NAV Date
  • OFDY000060 AuM Fund
  • OFDY000061 AuM Fund Date
  • OFDY000065 NoS Fund
  • OFDY000066 NoS Fund Date
  • OFDY000070 AuM Share Class
  • OFDY000071 AuM Share Class Date
  • OFDY000075 NoS Share Class
  • OFDY000076 NoS Share Class Date
  • OFDY005005 Dividend Announcement Date
  • OFDY005010 Dividend Ex Date
  • OFDY005015 Dividend Payment Date
  • OFDY005020 Dividend Gross
  • OFDY005022 Dividend Net
  • OFDY005025 Tax Deducted Reinvested Amount
  • OFDY005060 Split Reference Date
  • OFDY005062 Split Ratio
  • OFDY100000 General Reference Date
  • OFNW000002 News Category Name
  • OFNW000010 News GUID
  • OFNW000011 News Publication Date
  • OFNW000012 News Expiration Date
  • OFNW000016 News Dissemination Recipient
  • OFNW000021 News Content Language
  • OFNW000022 News Content Title
  • OFNW000025 News Content Summary
  • OFNW000026 News Content Body
  • OFNW000030 News Content Disclaimer
  • OFNW6000XX News Publication Country
  • OFST020040 SEDOL
  • OFST020580 Is Share Class Eligible For UCITS
  • OFST050010 Fund Manager Name
  • OFST050011 Fund Manager Year Of Birth
  • OFST050012 Fund Manager Gender
  • OFST050015 Fund Manager Role
  • OFST050016 Fund Manager Year Of Professional Start
  • OFST050017 Fund Manager Starting Date
  • OFST050019 Fund Manager Brief Biography
  • OFST062045 Status Of Listing
  • OFST160041 UCITS Version
  • OFST402500 Maximal Number Of Possible Decimals Shares
  • OFST402600 Maximal Number Of Possible Decimals NAV
  • OFST405521 Subscription Trade Cycle Period
  • OFST405523 Number Of Possible Subscriptions Within Period
  • OFST405525 Weekly Subscription Trade Dates
  • OFST405526 Monthly Subscription Trade Dates
  • OFST405528 Yearly Subscription Trade Dates
  • OFST405530 Dates Of Multiple Subscription Trade Cycles
  • OFST410060 Trade Date
  • OFST425561 Redemption Trade Cycle Period
  • OFST425563 Number Of Possible Redemptions Within Period
  • OFST425565 Weekly Redemption Trade Dates
  • OFST425566 Monthly Redemption Trade Dates
  • OFST425568 Yearly Redemption Trade Dates
  • OFST425570 Dates Of Multiple Redemption Trade Cycles
  • OFST454161 Distribution Fee Reference Date
  • OFST500010 Has Tripartite Report
  • OFST500012 Last Tripartite Report Date
  • OFST500020 SCR Market Interest Rate Up
  • OFST500022 SCR Market Interest Rate Down
  • OFST500031 SCR Market Equity Type I
  • OFST500032 SCR Market Equity Type II
  • OFST500040 SCR Market Property
  • OFST500045 SCR Market Spread Bonds
  • OFST500050 SCR Market Spread Structured
  • OFST500055 SCR Market Spread Derivatives Up
  • OFST500056 SCR Market Spread Derivatives Down
  • OFST500065 SCR Market FX Up
  • OFST500066 SCR Market FX Down
  • OFST700630 Is BVV2 Compliant
  • OFST800052 TIS And TID Reporting To SIX Telekurs
  • OFST802501 Luxembourg Taxe d’abonnement
  • OFST808100 Is Eligible For Tax Deferred Fund Switch In Spain
  • OFST809022 UK Reporting Status Valid Until
  • OFST809511 FATCA Status V2: Replaces OFST809510 FATCA Status


No Longer Supported Fields

Please note the following fields require action.

  • OFST809510 FATCA Status: No longer supported. Please use “OFST809511 FATCA Status V2” instead.


Major Field Changes

Please note the following fields require action.

  • OFST010230 Has Hedge Fund Strategy: Change of Field Level from “Share Class” (old) to “Fund” (new)
  • OFST452019 All-in Fee Includes Transaction Costs: Change of Field Level from “Fund” (old) to “Share Class” (new)


Minor Field Changes

Action not necessarily required as it depends on the implementation of openfunds whether an action is required. An example for minor field changes: Enhancements implemented in the openfunds field like the language tag functionality.

  • OFDY023160 Ex-post Other Ongoing Costs As Percentage: Changed Name from “Ex-post Ongoing Other Costs As Percentage” (old) to “Ex-post Other Ongoing Costs As Percentage” (new), adjusted Description accordingly
  • OFDY023163 Ex-post Other Ongoing Costs Period Start: Changed Name from “Ex-post Ongoing Other Costs Period Start” (old) to “Ex-post Other Ongoing Costs Period Start” (new), adjusted Description accordingly
  • OFDY023164 Ex-post Other Ongoing Costs Period End: Changed Name from “Ex-post Ongoing Other Costs Period End” (old) to “Ex-post Other Ongoing Costs Period End” (new), adjusted Description accordingly


Informative Field Changes

No action required. Typically changes in field descriptions in order to clarify the use or the meaning of an openfunds field.

  • OFDY023103 Ex-post One-off Entry Costs Period Start: Corrected Description
  • OFDY023124 Ex-post One-off Exit Costs Period End: Corrected Example
  • OFDY023193 Ex-post Incidental Costs Period Start: Corrected reference to EMT within Description
  • OFST010010 Fund Domicile Alpha-2: Added FieldTags: MiFID II target market, News, Dynamic Data, Execution, Solvency II
  • OFST010020 Legal Fund Name Including Umbrella: Added FieldTags: MiFID II target market, News, Dynamic Data, Execution, Solvency II
  • OFST010222 Has Capital Preservation: Corrected Description
  • OFST010223 Capital Preservation Level: Corrected Description
  • OFST010410 Fund Currency: Added FieldTags: Dynamic Data
  • OFST020000 ISIN: Added FieldTags: MiFID II target market, News, Dynamic Data, Execution, Solvency II
  • OFST020540 Share Class Currency: Added FieldTags: Dynamic Data
  • OFST452140 Transaction Costs: Corrected Description
  • OFST010225 Capital Preservation Period: Corrected Example


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