Changelog openfunds Fields Version 0.88 (Beta)

General Notes

  • Changed all percentage figures to decimal figures rounded to 7 digits after decimal point.
  • Fields with comma separated values that might contain commas itself changed to be separated with pipes “|”
  • In general, openfunds uses lower case for values, i.e. “yes” / “no” / “unknown”. However, implementations of interfaces based on the openfunds standard should not be case sensitive as many existing systems use a different diction.

New Fields

  • OFST 002760 Dissemination Recipient (before: internal fundinfo field introduced with version 0.87)
  • OFST 010420 Open-ended Or Closed-ended Fund Structure
  • OFST 160110 National Nomenclature Of Legal Form
  • OFST 350000 MIFID Securities Classification
  • OFST 350100 EFAMA Main EFC Category

Changed Fields

  • OFST 001100: Typo: changed from Fund Promotor Name to Fund Promoter Name
  • OFST 001900: Collateral Manager Name: Pipe “|” seperated as collateral name may contain commas
  • OFST 002000: Marketmaker Name: Pipe “|” seperated as maketmaker name may contain commas
  • OFST 010010: Fund Domicile ISO country code instead country name in English
  • OFST 010030: Legal Fund Code (old) –> Legal Entity Identifier (new)
  • OFST 010580: Change of name: ETF (old) –> Is ETF (new)
  • OFST 010900: Typo and change of name: changed from Replication Methology to Replication Methodology First Level. Change of values, because of a new field (OFST 010901)
  • OFST 020600: Change of name: RDR Compliant (old) –> Is RDR Compliant (new)
  • OFST 062050: Primary Listing (boolean): “unknown” as additional value. Change of name: Primary Listing (old) –> Is Primary Listing (new)
  • OFST 160100: Legal Form: additional values
  • OFST 160200: Swiss Legal Status (no longer supported)
  • OFST 410050: Subscription Trade Date (no longer supported)
  • OFST 410100: Cut-off Time For Subscriptions: Fund level (old) –> Share class level (new)
  • OFST 430050: Redemption Trade Date (no longer supported)
  • OFST 700000: Change of name: Sales Registration In Other Countries (3 Digits) (old) –> Sales Registration In Other Countries (3 Letter) (new)
  • OFST 700010: Change of name: Sales Registration In Other Countries (2 Digits) (old)–> Sales Registration In Other Countries (2 Letter) (new)
  • OFST 700600: Singapore Registration (MAS Type). (No longer supported). Use OFST160150 and OFST6050SG instead

Deleted Fields

Generally openfunds will never delete any fields, but will mark them as “//No longer supported…//”. As an exception of this rule, we have deleted the following three fields:

  • OFST 350200: CS Fund Category
  • OFST 351100: Fundinfo Classification Sub-class
  • OFST 351200: Fundinfo Classification – Investment Style

Therefore, these fields will no longer be published in the openfunds lists starting from version 0.88 onwards. In order to avoid mixing up data, we are not going to use the data-IDs of these fields for new openfunds fields.

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