OF-ID OFST020060
Field Name Full Share Class Name
Field Tags Core
Field Level Share Class Link Reference
Data Type string Introduced with version 0.86
Description Full fund name including Umbrella and also the specifications of the share class. As the value of this field might be changed by the recipient, it is also classified as a hybrid field (https://openfunds.org/knowledge/whitepapers/fieldtypology/). This field's OF-ID can also include a language tag, i.e. OFST020060(zh-Hant) for Full Share Class Name written in traditional Chinese. For more information please refer to https://www.openfunds.org/en/language-tags. Please note, in case you would like to convert this field into EMT / EPT / CEPT that the corresponding EMT / EPT / CEPT field only allows up to 255 characters. The openfunds standard does not define the length of a string value.
Values The full name of the share class.
Example ESPA Bond Danubia A EUR