OF-ID OFST010110
Field Name Legal Fund Name Only
Field Tags Core
Field Level Fund Link Reference
Data Type string Introduced with version 0.85
Description Name of fund or sub-fund, as listed in prospectus. Neither an available umbrella, nor the specifications of the share class such as currency, distribution policy etc. must be included. In case the fund is not part of an umbrella structure, please maintain the indication of the fund name as listed in the prospectus. In case the umbrella name is part of the sub-fund name in official legal documents such as prospectus, openfunds recommends listing the unique sub-fund name only, without repeating the umbrella name. The intention of the OFST010110 Legal Fund Name Only is to provide an option for generating the OFST010020 Legal Fund Name Including Umbrella by combining OFST010110 Legal Fund Name Only and OFST005010 Umbrella. This field's OF-ID can also include a language tag, i.e. OFST010110(zh-Hant) for Legal Fund Name Only written in traditional Chinese. For more information please refer to https://www.openfunds.org/en/language-tags.
Example ESPA Bond Danubia